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Adjustable DC Power Supply MCP

SINGLE OUTPUT ADJUSTABLE DC POWER SUPPLY Features Constant voltage and constant current Aluminium alloy panel Specifications Line Regulation: CV1X10-4+3mV CC2X10-3+3mA


It is an instrument projected to measure air speed in air conditioning and eating plants and it is also used

Battery Tester

Battery Tester 6 and 12 VDC 10 AH to 200 AH Complete with Test Leads Make: Konstar Electric China

Digital Stroboscope

Microprocessor Based Stroboscope (Tachometer) very suitable for use in inspecting and measuring the rotating wheel, fans, pumps, motors, grinders and practical

Energy Watt Metter

The Home Energy Check is a power-measuring device which complies with the latest stateof the art,It enable you to determine the


Product Description Specifications Range Best Accuracy Model UT381 llluminace Measurement (LUX) 20 Lux ±(3.0%+20) 200 Lux ±(3.0%+8) 2000 Lux ±(3.0%+8)

Multi function Electricity Meter 3 Phase

– Accuracy: Class 0.5S, Class 1, IEC61036 – 3 P 3W, 3P 4W – Polyphase, Electronic – Energy Metering: Active

Probe for Coating Thickness Meter Novotest

Probe Type: F-0.5 Measurement Range: 0-500 um Measurement Accuracy: +-0.34 to 0.001 mm Probe Dimensions: 8 x12 mm Purpose: Measurement

Regulated DC Power Supply Dual Output

Regulated DC Power Supply Dual Output Voltage: 0-30 VDC Current: 0-5 A Display: 4 sets of 3 Digit LED Fixed

Thermo Anemometer Hand Held

EQ 618 is a single instrument to measure both Air Velocity & Temperature which is Sensitive & Accurate. Large LCD