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Conductive Level Switches

Single-probe socket for level detection of electrically conductive liquids For level detection with KLN electrodes and KR level control unit

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

The SPS series of affordable level sensors suit a wide range of applications and offer simple installation and long term

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Nivelco

Supply Voltage: 9-30 VDC Output: 4-20 mAdc Medimum Temperature: 0-60 Deg.C Cable Material: PUR Cable Length: 25 meters Measuring Range:

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter NIVOPRESS

Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters Calibration Range: 0-4 meters Output: 2-wires, 4-20 mAdc and Hart Process Temperature: -30 to 60 deg.C Power

Magnetic Float

Magnetic Float for Level Switch Make: Nivelco Controls

Magnetic Liquid-Level Gauges for LP Gas

For Top mounting, Includes standard magnet to drive direct-reading dials. 6283, Except for side, end, or angle mounting. Make: Rochester

RF Capacitance Level Switches

Power supply: 20 – 250 V AC/DC Ambient temperature: – 30 °C … + 65 °C Process temperature: – 30